Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cross Stitching Stand

Hi all!  I haven't been posting lately because I've been so busy with life and my current obsession - cross stitching!  I've made a couple of PVC stands to hold my works to stitch on and thought I'd share my favorite one with you all.  Here it is with my current WIP on it (on an 11" X 17" Q-Snap frame):

 And here it is without the WIP on it so you can see how it all goes together:

You basically just need PVC pipes and joint pieces from the hardware store.  I used the 1/2" pipes and matching joints.  I would also recommend a PVC cutter.  They're not that expensive and really make cutting the pipes a breeze!

Here's a pic of all the pieces (with measurements) I used to make my current favorite stand:

As you can also see from the pic, I used 2 T joints, 4 elbow joints, and 2 caps.

Here's an alternative was to make the legs to make it more sturdy (but it does take up more space):

BTW - that 11.5" piece is there to hold your piece at the preferred angle.  If I don't put that extra piece in, the work just hangs straight down.  Here's a pic from the back showing how it holds up the frame:

To actually hold the Q-Snap frame to the stand, I used these clamps from Amazon.  I used zip ties to hold them to the stand:

I used one really long zip tie and 2 small ones for each clamp.  First, I tied the long one around the pipe and tightened it (not all the way).  Then I used the 2 small ones to tie the clamp to the long tie - one in front of the hinge and one behind so they can't fall off.  Once everything was tied together, I tightened up the ties all the way.   I put the clamp in the middle in case I use any of my smaller Q-Snap frames, like my 11" X 11" one.

So there you go.  I didn't cement mine together because I like that I can disassemble it to store.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment.  I hope you like this idea and TFL!