Thursday, March 6, 2008

I've been tagged!

I just saw that I was tagged by 2 of my fellow SBS13 sisters - Debi and Gia. Thanks for thinking of me gals! Sorry, but it took me a while to think up my answers – these questions were tough!

1. WHAT WERE YOU DOING 10 YEARS AGO? I was in my second year at law school.

2. WHAT WERE YOU DOING 1 YEAR AGO? Pretty much the same thing as now!

3. NAME YOUR 5 FAVORITE SNACKS: choco covered gummy bears, potato chips, soy beans, Sees chocolates, and hurricane popcorn.

4. NAME 5 THINGS YOU WOULD DO IF YOU WERE A MILLIONAIRE: probably quit my job, take a trip out of the country and then buy a bunch of stamping stuff. If I only had 1 million, I’d stop there because I’d need the rest to live on, but if I had more I’d buy a new car and then re-do my entire stamp room.

5. NAME 5 THINGS YOU LIKE DOING: paper crafting, playing video games, playing on the computer (blogging, blog-surfing, visiting MBs, etc.), watching tv, and hanging with my hubby and our dogs.

6. NAME 5 THINGS YOU WOULD NEVER WEAR AGAIN: earrings that go to my shoulders, tons of thin rubber or metal bracelets, braces, clothes that make me look like a wanna-be pop star (think Madonna when she first became popular), and the shoes I wore at my wedding (ouch!!).

7. NAME YOUR 5 FAVORITE TOYS: My Copics, Nestabilities, Big Shot, iPod Classic, and computer.

Now I’m supposed to tag 5 other people, but I *think* there are only 4 of the SBS13 sisters left who haven’t been tagged yet (LMK if I missed your tagged post):
Linda B.

Hope you gals will play along!

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