Saturday, February 6, 2016

Shinhan Watercolors and a Palette Tip

Hi all! Today I have a post about some watercolor paints I bought a while back - Shinhan Watercolors.  I just took the Online Card Classes Intermediate Watercoloring class and had a lot of fun playing with these paints!  Here's a pic of the box:

And the paint tubes:

They are 7.5 ml each.  I've seen most other tube paints come in 15 ml or 5 ml, so this is an in-between size.  Initially I thought the tubes were a little small, but once I saw how little paint I needed, I realized that there's actually a pretty good amount of paint here.

I bought a Folding Palette with 28 paint wells in it and was able to fit all 30 colors, except for the black and white, which I don't use much anyway.  Here's what it looks like closed:

And open:

You can see that I've labeled each well with the color name so I'll know which paint goes where.  It was really simple with my label maker and 6 mm label tape.  The tape is laminated, so it resists the water and paint that goes over the labels.  I haven't had any problems yet with the tape lifting or getting messed up.

So anyway, I'm no watercolor artist, but I'm really liking these paints - very nice saturated color and they mix and paint very nicely (sorry I don't know more artistic terms!).  Here are a couple cards I made using these paints and techniques from the watercolor class:

The card above uses a pear image from Your Next Stamp and the card below uses stamps from Create A Smile.

That's all for now.  I hope to share more watercolored cards with you in the future.  BTW, I'm also using these paints for my brush lettering practice.  I know that I can use cheaper paints (meaning not artist quality), but I feel like it's more enjoyable with supplies I really like!

TFL and have a great day! ~Maureen

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