Thursday, September 8, 2011

TSGBDAY2, 3 & 4

Today I'm combining several days' worth of TSG birthday puppet posts:

Day 2's assignment was take our paper dolls out on the town. It was actually my birthday, so I took little penguin with me to eat sushi for my birthday lunch!

Here he is perusing the menu:

Grabbing some wasabi from the conveyor belt:

And finally chowing down on his fresh salmon sushi:

BTW - I know we were only supposed to take one picture, but I was having too much fun to stop at just one! :)

On Day 3, they wanted us to take our dolls into the Great Outdoors. Here's Penguin with our newest plant called "Hearts and Flowers":

He had to put on his shades because it was really sunny out there!

And finally, for Day 4 they wanted to see our dolls "in the spotlight." The interpretation of what that means is up to us and I went pretty literal - Penguin starring in his own puppet theater play!

The little theater is from Lettering Delights and instead of cutting out and assembling all the pieces, I just printed the whole theater (after adding the Penguin title) and then cut it out by hand.

Isn't this fun?! I'm going to try really hard to play in all the challenges this week! TFL!

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  1. The sunglasses are a perfect touch for outdoors. I love how you created a stage for him.


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