Sunday, January 4, 2009

Teacher Anya Stair Step Card

Did you hear/see the news that Pink Poison is now officially called The Greeting Farm? Such a cute name and logo! I've changed all the tags on the Pink Poison cards to The Greeting Farm so they will all come up together when you click on that category.

Anyway, I made a card a while ago that I sent to Marie and forgot to post it here. It was my first attempt at a Stair Step card and I had a LOT of fun with it!! I will definitely have to do it again in the future!

Here's the card just sitting on the table. It tends to unfold itself just a bit, making it sit on its own really nicely. I modified the dimensions that were given on Splitcoast so that I would have that nice big panel at the back to stamp the Wishing Tree on. Then I also had to add another piece to hold up the last panel. You can see the added piece on the side view below (last picture).

All the apples, birds, and roses are from the Wishing Tree set (it's got a ton of little images that make this a very versatile set!).

This picture shows the card extended. You can see all the extra little roses that I added in the folds to fill the space. All of them were stamped on white cardstock and pink patterned paper. I colored both versions with Copics and cut out just the flower portion of the PP versions, and the whole image of the white cardstock versions. Then I mounted the PP flowers onto the cardstock bases. [It's been a while so this is how I think I did them.] It wasn't as much work as it sounds - the shape is pretty simple and the image isn't too small to hold onto.

This is how the card looks fully closed up (I had to use those clear clothes pins to keep it shut). I tried to position all the elements, especially the Teacher Anya so that the card would look good in every orientation.

And here's the side view where you can see that extra piece on the back that I talked about earlier. You can also see that I popped up the birds and all the apples on the tree, as well as the one that Anya is holding.

A couple final notes - the sky was sponged with a cloud stencil and blue ink, and the grass was done with the Copic airbrush system and a few different shades of green Copics. The "For You" banner is from the Lucky Bunnies set. TFL!

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