Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hello Flowers

I ordered a few sets from My Favorite Things a while ago and am just getting around to playing with most of them now. I picked the Bundles of Bouquets set because I really loved this image of flowers in a vase. I also got a whole bunch of Daisy Buckets paper that I've been wanting to use so I decided to pair them together:

I don't think much explanation is needed for this card except that the "table" line was drawn in with a pen and ruler and the little "hello" is from the Papertrey Ink set Mixed Messages.

Looking through my past entries made me realize that PTI has become my go-to whenever I want just the right sentiment, whether it's because of the font, size, or actual words. In this case, I really wanted a tiny little sentiment that could fit onto the oval and I thought this "hello" was perfect.

BTW, I know that in reality you would be able to see the table edge through the glass vase, but I just couldn't figure out how to draw it without it looking weird. Believe me, I tried a lot of different options and ruined them all! So, I took a little artistic license and just put the lines around the vase.


  1. Love the card! The colors are beautiful and the image is great!

  2. Beautiful card! I love the soft colors!


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