Monday, February 16, 2009

Winner and Purse Favor Box

Ok, I know why you're here - to find out who won the Bella Blog Candy! But first I want to thank everybody for playing in my blog candy giveaway - it was so interesting to read about your fave Stamping Bella images, a lot of which are my faves too!

[This section deleted because I had to pick another winner.]

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And now for yet another Cricut project:

Last year during our trip to California, I bought a couple of little purse boxes that were on clearance after Valentine's Day. I thought I could pull it apart, trace it, and make my own versions of it. Well I tried it, but for some reason just couldn't make it work quite right, so I gave up.

The other night I got an idea that I might be able to replicate the purse box in Design Studio so I spent many hours working, testing, re-working, testing, etc., and I did it!!

Here's a pic of the original box:

And here's my Cricut version (I didn't do a very good job of decorating this one, but you get the idea!):
Here's how it looks from the side (you can see it's pretty narrow at the top):
And here's how it looks open:
I thought the design of the original box was very clever being able to open up like that. Because the top is so narrow, it could be difficult getting things in and out of the box. Because of that, I tried to stick to the original design as much as possible.

BTW - the box dimensions are: 2 3/4" wide, 1 1/4" deep at the bottom, 3/8" deep at the top, and 1 3/4" tall.

If you have the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More cartridge, you might have noticed that my box looks very similar to the purse2 design. I noticed this AFTER I had already almost finished doing my box and thought I just wasted a LOT of time!! However, after cutting the purse2 file, I don't care for it as much as this box. As I mentioned above, I really like having the box open up fully for easy access, and this one doesn't. Also, a couple of the side tabs for gluing can be really skinny depending on the size you cut (on this size they are only 3/16" thick) and makes it a little harder to work with. But it's still a really cute box, so it's nice to have the option to make it too! And of course the TBB&M version is sizeable so that's a huge plus!

Anyway, thanks for visiting and I hope you like this little box!

ETA: I've had several requests for the .cut file, so you can find it here, and PLEASE also download the notes file.

If you like it, please leave me a comment and let me know. Also, I'd love to see any projects you make with my file!


  1. Hai Maureen,
    This is very cute you did a fabulous job with your cricut DS

  2. Hi Maureen,

    What an adorable purse!! I can't believe you spent all that time designing it from scratch!

    Doesn't it feel so satisfying though when it all finally comes together..makes all the time you spent figuring it out worth it! =)

  3. Hello,

    I stumbled on your blog from Stamping Under the Sun. And so far I am loving your creations. I've only seen the first two pages but will look around after I leave this comment.

    I am also curious as to whether or not you share your .cut files. If you do, please email me. I would love to have certain ones.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. If you are willing to share your .cut file, I would LOVE it....These are adorable.


  5. I found your blog today, and I have to say you have some really cute ideas! I downloaded the .cut file for the round top treat box. Thank you so much. Are you also willing to share the .cut file for your purse treat box? It's so cute! TIA GailHeinecke

  6. What a cute box! I just love it.. I was wondering if you were sharing this file I would love to use it for my neices bridal shower favors.

  7. Wow...this is soooo cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!!

  8. Another great file, thank you for sharing it!!


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