Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Picture Line

Ok, here's my final holiday Timeless Twine project of 2010! I made a line with decorated clothespins to hold all of the pictures we get during the holiday season (out of respect for our friends' privacy, I only have our picture up):

I simply cut 3 looooong lengths of Berry and Olive Timeless Twine and braided them together, knotting at the ends. Hubby then put in 2 screw-in cup hooks to hold it up.

Here's a closer shot:

For the clothespins, I dipped them in a wash of water and white acrylic paint and let dry. Then I glued strips of patterned paper and sanded down the strips to make them fit exactly. I cut Nesties shapes from Doodlebug Sugar Coated cardstock, and tied buttons on with Olive Green or Holly Berry Red Timeless Twine. Here's a close shot of the clothespins:


Finally, here's a better shot of our card:

ChristmasCard2010 Redone
Hubby took the picture (I think he did an awesome job - looks totally professional!) and I made the card in Photoshop using the free Snowy Holiday kit from Nancy Kubo that was given out during Little Dreamer Designs' 25 Days of Christmas event - a huge thanks to Nancy and Little Dreamer Designs!

To all of you: thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving all your wonderful comments - they're like little presents every time! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!

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