Friday, June 12, 2009

TGF Storage

Today's question of the day on The Greeting Farm blog was how do you store your TGF stamps? Well, instead of just posting a comment about it, I decided to show you my method.

I use Stamp N' Stor Lightweight Storage Panels (you can find them at lots of online stores) in a 3" 3-ring binder. [You can click on the pictures to enlarge.]

For the single stamps, I just stamp the images on a piece of paper and slip it into an 8.5" x 11" page protector. Then I stick the stamps to a storage panel that's opposite the stamped images. You can fit 9 Anyas/Ians per panel.

For the sets, I cut the included image sheet down a little, and stick it to a sheet of paper (it hangs out a little at the top), and then again I stick the stamps to a storage panel opposite the images. As you can see, 4 sets will fit perfectly on one storage panel. You can also see (on the Pretty Hat image sheet) that after I create a mask for an image, I'll stick it onto the image sheet to use again later.

I have 5 storage panels with corresponding image sheets in page protectors and the binder is very full. Since you can stick stamps to both sides of the storage panels, you can fit a LOT of stamps in the binder. I have 25 sets, 9 Anyas, 5 Ians, and 3 fairies in my binder with room for more!

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to decorating my binder yet, but I have plans to do it in the future. Hope this helps someone solve their storage issues! TFL!

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  1. OMG, I store my stamps exactly the same way!!!! Too funny! Love visiting your blog and love that you're using my friend Mindy's kit as your background for your blog! I'll point her to your blog so she can see, I'm sure she'll be so happy to see!



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