Saturday, June 28, 2008

My first inchie!

I've been trying to resist buying wood mounted stamps because they are more costly and take up a lot more space than unmounteds, but I finally broke down and bought some Karen Lockhart stamps recently from Ellen Hutson's store. I've been wanting to try an Inchie Challenge for a while and now I can!

This month's challenge is to make a red, white, and blue inchie and here's mine--->

It's really hard to see all the detail so you might have to click to enlarge the pictures. I used this adorable Itty Bitty Escargot stamp along with a couple different patterned papers from The Daisy Buckets' Rock Star line.

I stamped him once on the blue paper, once on the red, and then 7 times on scrap white cardstock. I colored just his neck and head on 1 of the 7 and cut it out nicely. The other 6 were cut inside the lines to use for layering for dimension. 3 of them included the head, and then the other 3 were only of the shell.

You can see the dimension better in the close-up. As usual, I'm using scrap cardstock for layering because my foam tape is way too thick to pop up such little objects.

You can just barely see it, but I did one layer of dimensional adhesive on the shell, let it dry, then scribbled over the lines with a stardust glitter pen. I then put another layer of dimensional adhesive over that to lock in the glitter and give it more height. I also traced around the stars on the blue paper with the same glitter pen for more sparkle.

I'm a little sad that my lack of photography skills don't do this little guy justice!


  1. You did a fabulous job!! Love the snail is so cute!

  2. Very cute inchie! I love the snail!

  3. Awwwr, this is sooo cute :-) and congratulations on doing your 1st inchie.

  4. Cute inchie, I love making them too xx


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