Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Haunting and tips!

Hi all!  Welcome to another installment of Fun Friday over at the YNS Blog!  This month’s theme is Trick or Treat and I have both for you today!  My trick is one I’ve used before – accordion pleated acetate to make a wiggly pop-up:


I used Cute Ghost and the Happy Haunting set for the background and sentiment.  Here’s a view from the side so you can see the dimension:


Basically, I just took a strip of acetate 1/2” wide and folded it every 1/2” to get the pop-up mechanism.  One end is glued and taped to the back of the ghost and the other end was threaded through a slit in the purple cardstock and taped on the back.  Simple, but super fun!!  This is also for Crafty Creations – use something on your card that has movement.  My ghost springs up and down when you flick it!

And my treat is a couple of organizational tips about how I store my paper pads and 8.5x11” cardstock.

All of my paper pads are stored in ziplock quart bags in a DVD holder I got from Target:

Org1 The new ones that I haven’t used yet are in the front.  As soon as I cut into one and have some scraps to store, I cut the zipper off the bag (you don’t have to, but it makes is much easier to get the papers in and out) and store the pad and its scraps inside.  Here’s a pic of the front with the pad:


And with the pad and scraps taken out of the bag:


I always look through the scraps first when making a card to see if I have something that will work.

My cardstock is stored in a filing cabinet with hanging folders and page protectors:


As you can see, I’ve labeled the files as well as the page protectors with the name of the cardstock for easy reference.  Each color has its own protector where all its scraps are stored.  Whole sheets are kept in the hanging folders until they are cut, and then they go into the respective page protector:


Just like with the paper pads, I’ll check the scraps first when making cards before I’ll cut into a full sheet.  I hope this tip helps you with storing your cardstock and paper pads if you don’t already have a system.  TFL and don’t forget to check out the YNS blog for more fun!

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  1. So cute and what a great idea to make it pop out! I love how you did the white border. Love your tip about 6 x 6 pads. I've also read to cut a 6 x 9 envelope and tape it to the back of the paper pack and put the scraps in it. I think your idea sounds a lot easier to get the papers out and to see them easily.


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